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Woodentials, our proprietary product marks our entry into the exterior lifestyle space. An exquisite wood textured interior and exterior lifestyle product, Woodentials is an amalgamation of years of experience, industry expertise, R&D and precise planning aimed at delivering an aesthetically appealing and hassle free cladding solution. Our aim is to ensure a satisfying consumer experience by developing world-class interior and exterior lifestyle products with focus on innovation, durability and sustainability.


Mr. Uday Malhotra

Mr. Uday Malhotra

(Founder and Chairman, Du Metallon Pvt. Ltd.)

It was because of his unparalleled foresight and business acumen that Mr. Uday Malhotra heralded the powder coating revolution in India, being one of the pioneers of this industry.

For over three decades he was at the forefront of the business, constantly developing new products, bringing in the latest technologies and always keeping the interest of his consumers before his own.

A proud supporter of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Mr. Malhotra believed that India has the power and ability to design, manufacture and market. With Woodentials Mr. Malhotra has marked his entry into the lifestyle space, with an objective of developing and distributing the most exquisite interior and exterior lifestyle products.

He left us in April 2016, passing on the baton to us.

Mr. Dhruv Malhotra

Mr. Dhruv Malhotra

(Director, Du Metallon Pvt. Ltd.)

“I have always been charmed by wood as a material. It has a quality that is timeless but the irony is that it is not and that is exactly where we found an opportunity to create an exciting lifestyle product. Woodentials is all the essentials characteristics of wood translated on metal.”

Having studied MSc in finance from the prestigious University of Leeds and having worked with some of the most coveted global and Indian real estate companies Mr. Dhruv Malhotra brings great consumerunderstanding to the table. His eye for detail and his deep knowledge of consumer psychology are at the heart of his vision.

Taking the baton of innovation and quality from his father, Mr. Dhruv Malhotra, specializes in integrating beautiful industrial design with great aesthetic value into his products.

He believes that the lifestyle space in India is still nascent both in terms of quantity and quality of products on offer and with Woodentials he wishes to lead the change, just like his father did 30 years ago.


Wood, its beauty its depth and its character, has caught the imagination of poets, artists and philosophers for centuries. But where their works have become eternal, the woods they talked about have faded; for such is the nature of wood. It does not last as long as one wishes it to. But with Woodentials we have eternalized wood with all its texture. A product like no other, Woodentials captures the beauty of wood with all its grains, knots and veins, reproducing it all on a beastly strong corrosion free metal surface. Manufactured under the strictest quality control measures, Woodentials is uniquely natural in its form yet ultimately sophisticated in its function. It brings together the best of both wood and metal to give your building a besotting facelift while offering superior protection from the elements.


“My roots are in the depths of the woods.”